What is ML Data?

MLData is a data repository and marketplace for the Data Sets to be used in the Machine Learning community. The data sets are all thoroughly vetted, pre-processed and organized.

Why should I use ML Data?

There are many repositories out there but ML Data is the only one where absolutely NO pre-processing of data is required for the Machine Learning libraries we support.

How do I access the Datasets?

Simply download the dataset CSVs or connect to the API for the library you are using and you are good to go. You can customize your CSV download and connect to different APIs depending on your data needs.

The data still needs some pre-processing with the library I am using, I thought I didn't need to do anything?

Sorry about that :( We are constantly adding library support. The next one on our list is Keras. You can let us know on what libraries you would like to see added.

How are missing values denoted?

"?" is used as a placeholder for missing values in string (nominal) attributes and -100000 is used as a placeholder in integer/float (numerical) attributes.

I have some suggestions on improving the site. What do I do with them?

Contact Us with the suggestions! We read each and every one of them.