Derived from simple hierarchical decision model

Instances: 1728

Attributes: 7

Tasks: Classification

Downloads: 1481

Year Published: 1997

Missing Values: No

Attribute Details:
Name Type Description
buying string buying price; values: vhigh, high, med, low
maint string price of the maintenance; values: vhigh, high, med, low
doors string number of doors; values: two, three, 5more
persons string capacity in terms of persons to carry; values: two, four, 5more
lug_boot string the size of luggage boot; values: small, med, big
safety string estimated safety of the car; values: low, med, high
car string Predictor Class: unacc, acc, good, vgood


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buying maint doors persons lug boot safety car
vhigh vhigh two two small low unacc
vhigh vhigh two two small med unacc
vhigh vhigh two two small high unacc
vhigh vhigh two two med low unacc



Because of known underlying concept structure, this database may be particularly useful for testing constructive induction and structure discovery methods.

X Decoder Tables

Column Name One Hot Val Decoded Val
buying 0,1,0,0 low
buying 0,0,1,0 med
buying 1,0,0,0 high
buying 0,0,0,1 vhigh
maint 0,1,0,0 low
maint 0,0,1,0 med
maint 1,0,0,0 high
maint 0,0,0,1 vhigh
doors 0,0,0,1 two
doors 0,1,0,0 four
doors 1,0,0,0 5more
doors 0,0,1,0 three
persons 0,0,1 two
persons 1,0,0 four
persons 0,1,0 more
lug_boot 1,0,0 big
lug_boot 0,1,0 med
lug_boot 0,0,1 small
safety 0,1,0 low
safety 0,0,1 med
safety 1,0,0 high
Column Name Label Val Decoded Val
buying 0 high
buying 1 low
buying 2 med
buying 3 vhigh
maint 0 high
maint 1 low
maint 2 med
maint 3 vhigh
doors 0 5more
doors 1 four
doors 2 three
doors 3 two
persons 0 four
persons 1 more
persons 2 two
lug_boot 0 big
lug_boot 1 med
lug_boot 2 small
safety 0 high
safety 1 low
safety 2 med

Y Decoder Tables

One Hot Val Decoded Val
1,0,0,0 acc
0,1,0,0 good
0,0,1,0 unacc
0,0,0,1 vgood

Label Val Decoded Val
0 acc
1 good
2 unacc
3 vgood


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